Scalable for B2B Sales

You can use Scalable at various stages of B2B sales. The most popular ones include: Lead generation and Presenting your offer

Face&Voice Representation

Generating leads through cold mailing

Firstly, video! Instead of writing to your customers - talk to them. According to Forrester Research, including video in your communication increases your chances of success by as much as 174%.
Secondly, personalized video! According to Nucleus research, the use of personalization increases the ROI of the campaign by as much as 544%.
The emails you send to your potential customers compete with hundreds of other messages in their inbox. Placing a thumbnail in a mailing containing the image of your client's website significantly increases the percentage of people who will see your message.
With Scalable you can easily create thousands of personalized videos, each unique and tailored to your client.

Generating leads via LinkedIn

It's not just about automating your activities on LinkedIn. The idea is to stand out from hundreds of other messages.
Let them see you. Let them know you. Let your potential customers build a relationship with you, not with a dry text. Use a personalized video!
Now, thanks to Scalable, you can create personalized videos using your recipient's profile. Many of our clients achieve over 60% conversions from video sent to video viewed by new, completely unknown contacts on LinkedIn.

Presenting your offer

When a customer is interested, at some point he asks for an offer. Consider what will work better: a PDF offer or a video in which you talk about your offer and its advantages over the competition.
Your salespeople's ability to record an interesting story is a new competence. We will help you build it in your organization. This gives you a huge advantage. Some Scalable customers saw a 3x increase in offer-to-contract conversions when they started using video to present their offer.
Having a video offer makes it easier to reach the decision-maker. The recipient will watch the video with your story whenever they want. Believe us, they watch your videos at really strange hours!