Dedicated Landing Page

Make your video landing page as similar to your website as possible. Connect it to your domain to give your customers a sense of security.

  • Scalable for B2C
  • Scalable for B2B
  • Scalable for Customer Service
Face&Voice Representation

Use your branding elements

Upload your logo, contact info, adjust colors and fonts.

Use your branding elements


Use Cname record to connect your domain with Scalable. For example video.YourDomain.com


Set CTA (call-to-action) button

You can either set CTA button to show some additional info like “Thank you, We will contact you shortly”, or you can redirect them to your Calendly / Website / Webstore etc.

Set CTA (call-to-action) button

Chain of videos (Beta)

Advanced users can chain videos. Combine two or more videos to create an entire conversation strategy depending on the customer's choices.

Chain of videos